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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Holy Grail of PPG

UI'm Welcome!
The 9th Annual
Gathering at Monument Valley
Oct. 6,7,8,9  2016

Franck Simonnet
There are no registration fees, 
all that is required is a good attitude.

Gouldings Lodge and Campground

Please Contact Gouldings direct to Book Lodging, RV Space or tent camping.    

There are private casitas available at special rates for our Gathering.  Speak with Linda Litsui in group sales before June 1st to reserve a suite.  Identify yourself as a member of the "Ultra Lite Group" to receive the discounted rate.

Event Schedule:

Friday Oct. 7rd
6:30 am Pilot Briefing
7:00 am morning flights
12:00 Road Trip thru Monument Valley Tribal Park
4:00 pm evening flights

Saturday Oct 8th
6:30 am Pilot Briefing
7:00 am Group flight
4:00 pm evening flights
8:00 pm Banquet at Gouldings Restaurant

Sunday Oct 9th
6:30 am Pilot Briefing
7:00 am morning flights

Other Questions.... 

Contact: Joe Onofrio   


1. USE YOUR HEAD and..
Respect the Terrain  !

This is not a Fly-In for beginners. We are launching at 5200 MSL. When the conditions are perfect, anybody can fly Monument Valley Tribal Park. However, anything over nil wind will create mechanical rotor and conditions can change fast. Remember the windward side of one Monument is often the lee side of another. When in doubt, stay high.

2.  Launch and Leave
In addition to our group there will be Vistaliners and other aircraft using the airstrip.  Expect traffic between 10:00am and 2:00pm.  There is plenty of room near the airfield for public demonstrations of  ego skill, and equipment.

3. Do not stress the livestock or Buzz structures 

.  When in the Navajo Tribal Park stay at least 1000 feet above the desert floor.  This is especially true of  Goulding's facilities, the Park Entrance and View Hotel.

4. The EVENT Radio Frequency will be:    462.6375.  FRS 4 & GMRS 12

The following are procedures to be used at the Goulding’s airstrip in Monument Valley.-

-Ground equipment(trailers, etc.)should be parked on the west side of the airstrip in the gravel area south of the windsock. Do not park near the hangar or on the paved areas.

-No close overflights in the areas south and west of the runway between the runway and the cliffs(mesas?). Do not “buzz” any of the Goulding’s Lodge buildings.-Any ground equipment or aircraft that is to be left at Goulding’s airstrip after you leave must be cleared with management.
-The asphalt parking area at the south end of the airstrip is reserved for commuter aircraft and short-term parking. Other aircraft should use the dirt parking area west of the runway.

-Takeoff is from runway 34 and landing is on runway 16.-CTAF is 122.9.-Field elevation is 5,208’. Be aware of density altitude.

-The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is a separate entity from Goulding’s Lodge. The park superintendent has asked Goulding’s to please “suggest” to Ultralight individuals that they pay the $5.00 per person entry fee into the park if they plan on flying over the park. All Goulding’s Lodge is doing is following up on the park’s wishes. Goulding’s Lodge has no connection with the operation of the park, or their policies.

Overnight camping is allowed only at the campground.


1) Is there a fee to go into the park?

The Navajo request a $5 donation for each day you fly into the park. If you want to make a donation they will take collections at the Park Entrance.

2) What Facilities are available?

Gouldings Lodge and trading post is a self contained village with Motel, Restaurant, Grocery Store, Fast Food, Gas Station and Campground. The lodge is mostly pre-booked, call for availability.  There are also brand new two and three room condos condos specially priced for our event.    The campground accommodates RV's and has areas specified for tent camping. It includes a swimming pool, laundry, gift shop, Internet station and showers. There are also"Porta Johns" located around the campsites.

3) Can I pre-ship my equipment?
YES ! Ship to: Goulding's Lodge 1000 Main Street Monument Valley, UT 84536-0001
435-727-3231 Mark your box with pilots name.

4) Is Aviation gas available at the airstrip?
NO ! If you require av gas....bring it with you.  There is a gas station 1/3mile fron the LZ..

5) Annual Dinner 
Saturday night there will be a Banquet at the lodge  restaurant. We will be the Celebrating the life of John Fetz ..... If you have any photos of Johnny, please send them to Joe Onofrio.

6) Do I need to drive from the campground to the LZ?
Probably, it's 3/4 of a mile from the campground to the airstrip. If you have a trike you could probably drive it down but... there is a grade and unless you have brakes, your boots are going to be smoking by the time you get there. Gouldings has assigned an area at the airstrip where we can park trailers overnight.


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